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Twin Babies


We are the charity dedicated to making a difference for families on the Stoke Mandeville Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The charity has three main aims:


  • To fund equipment for the unit, over and above what the NHS can provide. For example, some previous purchases made by BURPS are twin cots, a therapeutic cooling machine, a brain scan monitor and a contribution towards portable x-ray machine which fits over incubators.

  • To improve facilities for families. For example, funding reclining nursing chairs, double beds for the parents living room and a bigger fridge for the storage of expressed breast milk and covering the licence costs of the v-create photo and video messaging platform, which allows nurses to securely send pictures and videos of the babies to their parents during the hours that they can't be cot side (e.g. when resting at home and looking after older children).

  • To improve support available for parents. This includes comfort items providing to parents such as a welcome bag containing useful items for their time on the NICU, information leaflets, essential baby care items for families in need and gifts to help lift spirits when parents should be celebrating with their little ones in the outside world.


The charity was formally registered in 2000 by a group of parents who had spent time on the NICU, though it began in a more informal guise a few years before this. The charity continues to be run by a group of volunteers, who all have a link to the unit. The current team of volunteers are below.

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