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Volunteering Opportunities

Donating and fundraising isn't the only way to help the charity meet its goals. You can also help by volunteering your time and skills!


The charity is run solely by volunteers. The volunteers are split into three groups: operations, fundraising and support initiatives. Volunteers join the groups where their skills, interests or passions lie. Some volunteers are in all three groups whereas others focus on one. You can see a bit about the current committee members in the 'meet the team' section on the Contact page.

You could also volunteer by donating a specific skill to a specific project. For example, if you were a landscaper, you could donate your time to improve renovate an outdoor space for families to use.

If you'd like to discuss volunteering, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

Thanks for getting in touch!

Our son Ted was born at Stoke Mandeville in summer 2022 and spent time in both the Stoke Mandeville NICU and the John Radcliffe NICU. We got involved with BURPS because we discovered that they had funded a therapeutic cooling machine which was used to treat Ted. We want to help BURPS to support other families the way we were.

Katy and Stewart

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